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Favorite Things 2017! (the short list)

  Just thought I’d share a little before the new year kicks off and I forget.  Yes, 2017 had some nasty stuff in it.  Forget all that stuff please.  2017 […]

Value Stream Analysis (for this blog)

I’ve decided to begin writing again. My goal is to share the ideas I am working on in hopes challenging myself to refine and improve those ideas (or throw them […]

Hey! Wanna Grab a Bite?

“Hi Jason!  This is Eric from cloud locker! … ” “Hi Jason!  This is Mary from Agile Mountain Software….” “Hi Mr. Montague.  Jimmy from FrogTop.  Hey listen…I know you’re busy….” […]

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A Quick Note:

Thanks for visiting. A few notes about me and this site. First, I am a Technology Director for a financial services firm based in Wisconsin. Although I spend most of my time building great teams, my technical focus is software development, data, and architecture . Underpinning much of my writing here is a personal vision. Namely, I believe that people want to be part of something bigger than themselves. They want to contribute, get excited, feel cared for, be challenged, and to use their gifts. I want to give them that opportunity. I chose technology leadership and software as a career because it allows me to be expressive and artistic and solve problems with and for others (often at the same time)! This site is simply a way for me to express ideas and beliefs, share my perspectives, and generally share thoughts on my career as a technology professional, and as a husband and father.