Kanban, Scrum, and a “Hyper-Productive” Household

I want to test a theory. How many people are “not the same person” you are at work as you are when you are at home with your loved ones?

Kanban for these guys?! Uh huh.
The reason I ask is that my wife, for some time now, cringes every time I talk about “hyper-productivity”, “efficiency”, and “flow” related to development work I am leading at the office.

Why you might ask? Well, it seems I am NOT the same type of person at work as I am at home. So much so in fact, that when I mention the mere word “efficiency”, she goes apoplectic and starts listing all the failed opportunities I have had to reach “hyper-productivity” at home. She’s right.

This has caused me to reflect on that very issue and begin to tackle the single most difficult thing I do during my day, parenting.

I’m going for “big and visible” Kanban mixed with weekly retrospectives, and a dash of Love and Logic. I have now launched headlong into an attempt to implement Scrum, Kanban, Lean/Agile, Positive Discipline, and Love & Logic (all rolled into one) at home. My goals are modest — change the very nature of the way we as a couple parent our children and relate to one another at home.

Wish me luck. I’ll let you know how it’s going!

12 thoughts on “Kanban, Scrum, and a “Hyper-Productive” Household

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  3. I sincerely wish you a the blessings in the world. I admire you for stepping up and taking seriously the two-become-one aspect of your marriage. I look forward to your updates about making the move from living to work to working to live.

    Good Luck.

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  5. Like you, I realised that my very orderly, agile work existence was pretty much non-existent at home. So I too embraced Scrum and then Kanban to start turning chaos into consistency.

    Any reports for us on your results?

  6. Well, It’s been interesting to say the least. We continue to change the board after each Sprint in a way that sometimes helps and sometimes doesn’t. My latest idea is more pictures. I have small children and the wipee boards only attracted fingers to smudge and make patterns out of the text in the swim lanes. It was pretty comical.

    We then went to more “rules based” board. Big mistake. It doesnt work.

    I am now in the middle of trying to make a board that helps us manage things that are easy to understand (with pictures on magnets), funt o move to WIP then Done, and that can be a reward all by themselves. I want the work and interaction to be the reward. Am I asking too much?


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  10. Hi Jason,

    Good luck with all this. I think that @topsurf and @maritsavdh have done a lot of work in building excellent kanban with their families. If you search for #kidzban on twitter, you’ll find their posts.

    We’d love it if you could join the community on twitter and talk about how your experiences have been bringing lean into your daily life.

    I appreciate the post, I like the follow up in the comments too. It’s good to see thoughtful people making a difference.


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