A Gentle Introduction to Behavior Driven Development – BDD

Avoiding Anger-Driven Development (ADD) using Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)

Ever wondered why so many developers code angry? Well, it’s probably because they just spent 4 days of their lives building the WRONG thing! “Why are they building the wrong things”, you ask? Because gathering requirements, documenting them, and *interpreting* what’s written is complex…*very complex*. Enter BDD.


BDD enables (requires) consistent conversations between Business Analysts, Developers and Quality Assurance professionals. And that’s important! This simple step turns an angry post-mortem conversation about a misinterpreted feature spec into a delightful (collaborative) welcomed conversation with all participants during the construction of said feature. This presentation will be a gentle, anger-free primer to Behavior-Driven Development. If you want to learn new techniques to facilitate collaboration on your project team, this is the presentation for you!


Kim Merbeth
Jim Cornelius
Jason Montague

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