About Me

My name is Jason Montague. I am Director of Application Development & Architecture for a financial services organization based in Wisconsin.

My Specialties:JMM_Headshot_Lightbkgrd

Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Bedtime Stories, Building Highly Effective Organizations and Teams, Change Management, Systems Thinking, Leading Software Engineering Organizations, Agile/Lean Software Development, Process Improvement and Coaching, Product Development, Believer in Software Craftsmanship, Midrange Jump Shots, Hustle, Grit, Enterprise Information Management, Leading Enterprise Architecture and Data Organizations, Organizational Transformation

A Personal Vision:

People want to be part of something…something bigger than themselves.  They want to contribute, get excited, feel cared for, be challenged, and to use their gifts.  I want to give them that opportunity.

Why Software?

I am a believer in software craftsmanship and chose software as a career because it allows me to be expressive and artistic and solve problems for others (often at the same time). I am active in the agile and lean community and a founder and Advisory Board member of a growing agile community in S.E. Wisconsin. MilwaukeeAgile.com

A Few Final Notes:

I live in South Eastern Wisconsin with my wife, two sons, an adorable baby girl, and Elly (the dog). I love to play basketball (born and raised in Southern Indiana), fast break, golf, and tinker with gadgets of all varieties. I’m addicted to Triathlon and have completed many Sprints, Olympic Distance, Half Ironman, and Ironman distance events.

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