Strategy, Women, and Deodorant

If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and go buy Tom Peters’ great book “Re-Imagine”. In it, Tom addresses powerful opportunities for our organizations (and our culture) to tackle. One of my favorites – Women.

In the book, some of Tom’s examples are subtle, but paint a picture of clueless organizations (typically run by men) trying to sell to women. Some examples are, well…not so subtle. And I’m slowly learning they’re everywhere.

Here is but ONE example of now dozens I see regularly.

My wife and I had a pretty funny conversation about this and we agreed this tag line HAD to be generated by a man (or all male) team.

Extra Responsive in “Emotional” Moments…. (*Releasing Sweat)


Does anyone else out there think this is one of the most ridiculous pieces of marketing you’ve ever seen? Come on deodorant marketing slaps…you can do better!

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