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Imposter Syndrome

As I’ve discussed in past posts, I am very interested in cognitive biases.  I think they are incredibly useful to study as we all muddle along trying to make improvements and help.  It’s somehow reassuring to know that our brains are actually hard-wired to make these simple mistakes.  It’s one of those acknowledgments that help […]

The Backfire Effect

There are numerous cognitive biases at play in our lives, but one that I have been exposed to recently (and likely caused) is something known as the Backfire Effect. The Belief:  Our common perception is that when we believe strongly in something, and new facts/data are presented that challenge those  beliefs, we (as rational people) […]

Please Stop Saying the Word “Agile”

An idea for your consideration… Please remove the words Lean or Agile from your communications and discussions from here forward.  Instead, replace them with the “specific” values/behaviors you want to communicate.  For example, “we should get feedback on this right away” or “we should help that team feel confident making their own decision on this […]

Penmanship for Architects?

For anyone who needs to describe important, complex ideas — especially those needing visualization using a whiteboard — please pay attention.  I have learned the hard way how much more effective/confident your communication can be if you follow some simple steps when you walk to a whiteboard or open a fresh pad of paper.  “I […]