The Social Media Adoption Advantage

I have to get something off my chest…my name is Jason and I’m a Twitter junkie.

Over the past 3 years, I have been swept up into the world of social media and haven’t looked back.

I was at a CIO Forum recently with some of the “blinking lights” crew and one of the sessions was titled, “How to Keep Social Networking From Becoming a Resume Generating Experience”

Say what? This is the technical leadership of many large organizations in SE Wisconsin and most were nodding their heads in agreement.

Am I missing something? I view my interactions on Twitter (especially) as having BUILT part of my career. The part where I’m interacting and actively learning from other industry experts. What could be better, right? I don’t necessarily “get” the above title, but the content behind this message was clear:

“As leaders, we have a burgeoning problem on our hands – social networking. If we don’t thwart it, who knows what might happen! People aimlessly surfing the internet all day…tweeting. Facebooking. LinkedIn-ing! On our equipment! In OUR building!”

In many ways, companies have yet to embrace the medium (for their employees OR their brands) and don’t truly understand the potential. I recently read a study from Harvard that describes the disposition of today’s workforce and the strong linkage of job satisfaction to access to social media. Yep, that’s right. People that are plugged in to a social circle at home (and are forbidden at work) get pissed. Is that really a surprise to anyone?

I’m stunned how disconnected many organizations (and their policy setters) are to the tsunami of social media outlets and the draw of many of today’s workforce to it. It seems clear that many organizations will need to embrace it. Those that do will have an obvious (and measurable) advantage attracting and retaining the workforce of tomorrow.

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